African American Scholarships

Though the issues of apartheid and the other related forms of racial discrimination has been officially removed from the word, but its traits still remains here and there. Figures reveal that the Africans Americans have always been and are still not properly represented in the institutions of higher standards of educations. For encouraging the same, there have been various kinds of scholarships which have been devised for providing monetary assistance as well as guidance and support on the same. Such scholarship programs are being provided by various kinds of institutions, organizations, giving out various kinds of packages consisting of diverse amounts.

Some of the popular scholarships which are being provided consist of the memorial scholarships, the journalism scholarships, creative writing scholarships, science scholarships, corporate sponsored scholarships, etc.  Let’s deal with each of these briefly.

Memorial Scholarships are basically those kinds of scholarships which are started off by members of friends of family in the memory of a deceased or some beloved individual. Such memorial programs aids in assisting those who are in a need of some or the other form of financial help or aid. There are few specific scholarship programs which are targeted specifically towards the African Americans.

Journalism Scholarships are those which have been created for encouraging diversity in the field of journalism. For availing this kind of scholarship, the applicant needs to be a member of an ethnic group and needs to obtain a 4 year communication degree.

Creative writing scholarship is a kind of financial assistance which is given to African American who has a flair for writing and is students of Pine Manor College in the state of Massachusetts. Few other kinds of scholarships which are available consist of the science scholarships, which are aimed specifically towards the African American students who are able to qualify the same on basis of the merit. Apart from these, there are various corporate organizations which also offer various kinds of scholarship programs which are meant for African American and for their betterment.

Hence these kinds of scholarships are in one way beneficial for the student, especially for the African Americans who face numerous hassles in their career path.

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