Nursing Grants

Nursing Grants

Goes without saying, nursing is a profession that will always stay in demand. Today, good numbers of brilliant nurses wouldn’t be attending patients without the aid of nursing grants. Nursing grants have helped truckloads of deserving nursing students realize their dream of nursing education. Unlike the past, there are solid amount of nursing grants available for dedicated students. These excellent opportunities helps nursing students hold a respectable post after acquiring the required education. Let’s have a look at some of the nursing grants:

American Student Health Association Student Research Grants

Students who are into research projects pertaining to healthcare can avail financial assistance from the American Student Health Association Student Research Grants. To qualify for the grant, the nursing student should be pursing his/her nursing course from an accredited university or college. The amount awarded over here varies from one student to another depending upon the student’s needs.

SSACI Nursing Scholarship

Educational grants are also offered via SSACI Nursing Scholarship. The amount is funded by the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana. Amount up to $5000 is awarded per student every year. What one should know over here is that the scholarship amount offered by SSACI Nursing Scholarship can be used only for tuition and fees. U.S citizen or Indiana resident qualify for this scholarship. Since SSACI Nursing Scholarship is a merit based scholarship, one should gain a grade point average of 2.0 at the very least. Besides this, the financial aid is offered only to those who are in need of dire financial assistance. Students who are awarded the scholarship are required to work as a nurse in Indiana for at least two years post the graduation.

Gerontological Society of America

Students who are into advanced graduate research levels in specific areas such as aging are offered grants and scholarships by the Gerontological Society of America.

Emergency Nurses Foundation Association

Nursing grants can also be availed from a reputable source such as the Emergency Nurses Foundation Association. Over here, nursing students of all levels are offered financial assistance depending upon the amount allocated towards nursing grants and scholarships.

Researching various grants is a must to figure out the sources of financial assistance that will help you complete your nursing education. Good amount of time spent for research work will eventually pay off in a big way. When you find a grant worth applying, submit the FAFSA form to get started. The FAFSA form can be obtained online or from a local nursing school or college.

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